"Eviction Notice" sign.Evictions prevention refers to any strategy or program designed to keep individuals and families in their home and that helps them avoid entering into homelessness. Usually eviction prevention programs are geared at renters but the same programs are often effective for homeowners at risk of foreclosure. Eviction prevention is seen as an ‘upstream’ solution to homelessness by reducing the number of people who become homeless.

There are a variety of homelessness prevention or eviction prevention strategies. A few program options include:

  • Rent Banks that provide short-term or temporary loans or payments of outstanding rental arrears.
  • Energy assistance payments to help with the costs of utilities such as electric, water or gas. This often frees up a household’s income to make their rental or mortgage payment.
  • Community legal clinics or credit counselling agencies that work with a tenant/landlord or home owner/mortgage company to address outstanding financial or legal issues.
  • Supports to help tenants with notices of eviction to understand the eviction process and their rights and obligations concerning the notice.

Image by Flickr/aazamthefilmmaker