The below infographic represents what the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness learned in our annual survey we began conducting in January 2013. We did the first survey because the Coalition was about to embark on a major communications campaign to increase the awareness of homelessness in the region. Before we began however we wanted to know what the baseline was in the community.

We were really quite surprised by the results of that first survey. Our communities had pretty good awareness of homelessness in general and of the things that drive it. Nearly two thirds understood that homelessness costs more than housing, nearly 60% believe that homelessness can be ended and over 40% knew someone who had experienced homelessness.

The most surprising result however was the awareness of the impact of affordable housing. 85% of those surveyed believed more affordable housing would help to end homelessness and a similar number thought it was government’s job to provide that housing. Those are apple pie numbers. If we random surveyed how many people loved their mother we wouldn’t likely get much higher numbers.

Our second survey showed that little has changed in that department. If anything the numbers have gotten stronger.  An incredible 90% of those surveyed believe that more affordable housing will help to end homelessness.  Residents of Victoria get it.  Now if only the federal government did. 

Homelessness in Greater Victoria according to Greater Victorians